SERPO - Pilot Program for Patchwork



A Response To The Continued Regurgitation of the SERPO Hoax


For newcomers to the ‘SERPO’ soap-opera, the first thing they should know about this hoax is that the very name – ‘SERPO’ – is an acronym for Operation RESearch.  OP-RES.  OPRES.  Reversed; SERPO.  An operation centered around a fictional story the purpose of which was to determine who in UFOology (you-fool-ogy) would be gullible enough to accept the fiction as fact, and float it as such.  For as long as there have been flying saucer stories, there has been disinformation programs by the Coverup artists to explain them away, and the recent regurgitation of the SERPO hoax is particularly pertinent in this regard because of the actual facts surrounding it.


Some years ago, an ‘Operation Patchwork’ was decided upon at the highest levels, and approved of by Majestic 12 (MJ-12).  First, though, a little background before we enter the twilight zone of duplicity at the highest levels. 


Just as the true state of affairs between the human authorities and their extraterrestrial treaty partners has been a closely-held secret at the very pinnacle of power, hidden behind the question-us-not wall known as “National Security”, the Coverup has had to constantly deal with threats of exposure.  To deal with this threat, from the very beginning they infiltrated and cultivated certain civilian groups ostensibly concerned with transparency in matters involving the UFO and alien subjects.  For example, well-read readers of this subject matter will recall how Adm. Hillenkoetter (allegedly the first MJ-1 and first DCI – Director, Central Intelligence) joined NICAP (National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena) in 1957 after his public retirement.  This top-echelon Coverup artist was so good at acting the double-agent that he became less known for his actions hiding the alien presence than he did for his quote "Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense."  A modern-day equivalent would be a GOP political figure who built his reputation on moral rectitude, say Newt Gingrich, who while excoriating Pres. Clinton for his “immoral behavior” with his intern and demanding he resign his office, was at the same time having an adulterous affair with a member of his own staff.

The infamous “MJ-12 documents” are another case in point.  If you are in danger of facing exposure and need to maintain the self-governing mechanism of ridicule, what to do?  Some of the most cunning minds in the intelligence community arrived at a most convincing and fail-safe approach; use the real name of the group – MJ-12 – and manufacture a number of bogus documents that dealt with the subject matter, or enough of it to appear convincing, and launch them into the public sphere via ‘experts’ in UFO-ology.  Include among your list of recipients one man who had validated at least one legitimate MJ-12 document previously that had seen the light of day (that man being Stanton Friedman).  Stan and the rest of the “Class of ‘85”, as I call them, came no closer to furthering Disclosure than anyone before or since, although most of them have written or co-written a number of fine books while furthering their own interests by becoming mainstays of the ‘ufer’ speaking circuit.  You can rest assured the real MJ-12 has been quite happy with this state of affairs, with the most recent named MJ-1 allegedly raising a toast to them as “our [MJ-12’s] best asset in helping to keep the public from being disturbed by some uncomfortable truths” (slightly paraphrased; I wasn’t at the meeting).


Another example would be the 1996-1997 television series “Dark Skies”, a fictional depiction of MJ-12 and featuring actors actually playing the roles of Adm. Hillenkoetter, Harry Truman, The Beatles, Robert Kennedy, and other famous figures in the 1960s.  The “greys” are depicted as clones and enslaved to an evil alien race (the Hive, which might represent the J-Rod society from Zeta Reticuli) bent on the take-over of Earth.  As with most fictional depictions, aliens are either good and benevolent (Spielberg’s E.T., for instance) or more likely, evil and something to be feared (Independence Day as well as this particular series).


A more contemporary analogy would be the ongoing ABC mini-series “Impact”, in which a fictional Earth-destroying Catastrophe has many of the actual elements in what this civilization is facing in its near-term, but jumbled enough and presented of course as “fiction”, the better to muddle the message for the average viewer who is intended to view it with the idea that “it’s only TV”.  Super special-effects for the “oooh!!!!s and aaah!!!!s” (people, buildings, trains, cars, ships, up and floating skyward), measured for just-so-many heart palpitations, followed by huge chunks of string music and glycerine tears as loved ones argue, separate, and re-unite, and naturally the obligatory happy ending.  What is most interesting is the jumble of elements here:  a “brown dwarf” is the catalyst (check) for the Catastrophe.  It impacts the Moon, causing the moon to assume an “elliptical orbit” (check).  The orbit causes the Moon to draw closer to Earth, appearing as a “menacing object in the skies” (check).  Various scientists are rushed to Washington, and anyone connected with them is to hide behind “national security” as they lie regarding their purpose (check).  The same old time-worn solution is hauled out; nuke it.  Salvation in destruction.  In this case, it’s the Moon.  Blow it up.  Break it in half.  Done.  Earth saved.  (Check; NASA just recently announced plans to blow a hole in the lunar south pole… find WATER.  The real answer in a later installment.)   In the final moments, the Moon is shown hovering hugely in the sky like the 2 halves of Humpty Dumpty.  All’s well that ends well, or so we’re led to believe.


All of which brings us to ‘Operation Patchwork’.  As its name implies, this deceptive attempt at ‘Disclosure’ is based on a patchwork of paradigms, which neatly mirror the black-box compartments that have governed the entire Coverup since the beginning.  Since these compartments were first constructed with the idea in mind that no one compartment need know what any other compartment might be working on, lest they figure out the ‘Big Picture’, those ‘insiders’ from one compartment often clashed with those from others.  A hierarchy based on a ‘need to know’ also aided the development of contradictory paradigms.  Mid-level employees were told y and z, but never (planet) x.  Many in the higher levels were shown a, b, and c, but again, never (planet) x, y, or z.  In such a culture, with the left (wing) never knowing what the right (wing) was really up to, rumors would grow.  And grow.  Bean-box (as black compartments were often known by their occupants) “A” might discover a crop-circle they thought was directed at them, never knowing that Bean-box “D” had actually created it.  Bean-box “F” might be told that a certain website had been established as a bogus “foil”, to keep the too-nosy truthseekers fearful and distraught, not knowing that Bean-box “Z” had been tasked with ensuring that said website wasn’t hacked or taken off-line. 


This, then, leads us to Majestic 12’s most (in)famous staar-flower child, the bean-box occupant determined many years ago to be the official ‘Discloser’ of the extraterrestrial reality, Dan Burisch.  The extraordinary secrecy surrounding Burisch was partially due to his penchant for waxing patriotic on occasion and threatening to “tell the truth” to the People, the public, Congress, or whoever would listen.  Just what that “truth” was is still a matter of debate and won’t be resolved until he is seated in front of Congress publicly, together with other bean-box occupants who will be able to help verify the parameters of exactly how much and how little he had been told regarding that extraterrestrial reality.  That Burisch was one of the human worker-bees attending to the J-Rod, an alleged extraterrestrial being from Zeta Reticuli, is not in dispute.  At least in the mid-1990s, that is.  That this J-Rod, carrying the “secret” name of Chi’el’ah had a telepathic and personal relationship with Burisch is also not a matter of dispute, at least for those that have more than a cursory awareness of this subject matter.  And that is as far as the facts go in this “Disclosure” effort, because virtually everything else claimed is in dispute, and rightly so.  Particularly in view of the fact that the most powerful “J”s, MJ-1 and MJ-2 of the late MJ-12 (the line-up that adjourned in Oct. 2005, which had “enjoined” [ordered] Dan Burisch to “tell the truth of the extraterrestrial reality as he had personally come to know it”) were Vice-Pres. Dick Cheney and DNI John 'Mike' McConnell.  Everyone knows about the disputed WMD that were found in Iraq - NOT.  Note the fancy legal footwork in that statement; “….as he had personally come to know it”.


However, the one thing (in fact, there are several that are relevant) that makes Dan Burisch more authentic than the shadowy bamboozlers of lesser note is the affidavits that he has authored, which in this field of fluid facts should give pause to the pooh-poohers and naysayers that call themselves ‘experts’.  In negotiating the Form 255 Request To Admit and accompanying Form 256 Response To Request To Admit (and the follow-up General Affidavit of April 13th, 2005) with his then-Operations Director, now-wife Marcia McDowell, it was stipulated that he – Dan Burisch – was attesting in the first-person, not in the capacity of recipient of hearsay.  While being advised by the faction that wants the COMPLETE ‘Big Picture’ disclosed, not just the reality as he had “….personally come to know it”, I had to write the legal document to not only pass muster with Majestic’s legal counsel at the time (which admittedly forced a few but minor changes), but to allow for the bigger picture – knowing ahead of time that the Burisch-only faction was intent on using it for their speak-no-Catastrophe, pray-away-the-Catastrophe purpose.  That purpose was to bamboozle the public, or rather the limited portion of it that not only has a keen interest in these matters, but also access to undercurrents that could jeapordize ‘Domestic Tranquility’, i.e. the Coverup itself.


Nonetheless, once my usefulness to the roll-out of Staar-Flowerman Dan Burisch had been accomplished, it was decided I should be “cut adrift”, as so many others had been on his “long, lonely [except for Marcia McDowell] road to Sion”, because it was certain I would become more of a “loose cannon” once I discovered I was to be made part of a bamboozling campaign, which is true.  I have and will continue to be, but only because it is my firm belief the public deserves to know the truth that is facing them.  In the meantime, to prepare the next phase of Dan Burisch’s long roll-out and debut in the public eye, not only were plans for myself and the other independent (i.e. insufficiently sychophantic) participants on the Golden Thread “cut adrift”, a pilot program which had been prepared was put into practice.  Through the office of MJ-1 (the head of Majestic 12), who had also been named the 2nd DNI of the Bush administration, Operation SERPO was handed to the lower levels to see who would run the most effectively and unquestioningly with the ball.  This would help determine who and how Dadmiral’s golden boy would be received.  (Dadmiral being the slang term for MJ-1, former Dir. Of the NSA, former Rear-Admiral John ‘Mike’ McConnell, whose natural son Michael had allegedly had his essence mixed with Dan Burisch’s during an abduction over Menlo Park, Calif. in 1973.)  At the time, and before the psy-op that was intentionally set to maliciously divide Burisch and myself, Dan had little idea that he was the intended beneficiary of the SERPO hoax, and was in fact the one that had first told me how the name SERPO came to be.  Naturally his perspective on SERPO’s most enthusiastic proponent, Bill Ryan of Project Camelot, has changed considerably, to say the least. 


Regarding SERPO; logic tells us that extraterrestrials, or to be more precise, those that pilot or control the movements of “UFO”s in our skies, and who are alleged to have abducted humans during episodes of ‘missing time’, and who have also been witnessed disarming nuclear weapons during much of the Cold War period, are much, much more advanced than humanity is, at least in technical terms.  “UFO”s are also alleged to wink into and out of our visual awareness, which many attribute to an “interdimensionality”, hardly something humans are able to do.  To portray one of these extraterrestrial, or even extra-dimensional, groups as putting us on a par with them, taking part in an “exchange” program, stretches the credulity of anyone with a high-school education, let alone university-trained scientists.  To press forward publicly with such an account is, for one thing, highly insulting to the intelligence of those who have concluded that – for better or worse – humankind is under some sort of quarantine.  If such advanced beings as can pilot and maneuver craft as has been witnessed – time and again – wanted to, they could easily descend onto Times Square or the time-worn White House lawn.  They haven’t and they won’t, and to expect otherwise is yet again displaying a lack of critical thinking.  The closest analogy to a more accurate state of affairs is that of a modern-day safari expedition of scientists descending on a game preserve in which a primitive race of neanderthals is living.  Surely the gawking neanderthals would marvel at the SUVs, the laptops, and god forgive us, the GUNS.  Is it feasible to suggest that we would haggle with them to determine which scientists would be left to live with them for years?  Which of them would come back to live with us, in our homes?  No, what’s more likely is that we might take a specimen or 2 back with us to study them in the lab, or put them in a zoo, and we might even leave a small contingent of scientists in the wild in a base camp, in close proximity to study the daily habits of the neanderthals, but we wouldn’t be dealing with them as ‘equals’.


None of this should suggest, however, that the US gov’t. was not the host to a zeta reticulan captive – it was.  Due to the fact we DID have a zeta reticulan ‘guest’, the SERPO propagandists used the Zeta Reticuli star system as the home to the ficitional Visitors engaged in the ‘exchange’ program, because it put us on an equal footing with the ‘Visitors’.  Again; this is propaganda that critical thinking rejects.  We are obviously not ‘equals’ with whatever visitors zoom around, in and out of our skies with impunity.


All of which brings us to Gary Bekkum’s article at, in which he states the following:


For some, SERPO may be an entertaining work of fiction, virally amplified to mythic status by the Internet.

For others, including a high level official from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, former CIA analyst Ron Pandolfi; and Kit Green, another former senior CIA division head who consults on national security issues of rapidly advancing technologies for the DIA TIGER Committee, more may be at stake.”


Readers should take note at the above.  “More may be at stake.”  If the “core story” is a hoax, with no supporting affidavits or other verifiable evidence in the public sphere, why is this hoax being trotted out again?

The "fall guy" in our tale, who continues to be the target of allegations of creating and distributing the UFO core story, is Richard (Rick) C. Doty, a law enforcement officer in New Mexico.

During the 1980s, while working as a counterintelligence operative for the USAF (according to Doty's own testimony on national radio), Doty emerged as the point man spreading the extraterrestrial intelligence trail.

Doty remains the most publicly visible player in the UFO spy game.


Now the set-up.  Rick Doty, alleged by Dan Burisch to have gotten kicked out of Area 51 permanently after getting drunk and out-of-hand at the bar there, is a favorite whipping-boy for ‘ufers’, a role he seems to willingly assume with regularity ever since he played now-I’ll-tell-you, now-I-won’t with Linda Moulton-Howe in the mid-80s.  Yet, Bekkum has re-introduced him with the usual background and the new zinger “Doty remains the most publicly visible player in the UFO spy game.”  Now we’re once again being tantalized and teased by yet another bamboozler who hasn’t produced a single first-hand affidavit or any other independently-verifiable evidence for what we’re about to be pummeled with.


“Stepping forward from the shadows (largely through his civilian proxy, Dan T. Smith) CIA's Dr. Ron Pandolfi provided a measured revelation of his interests and investigations into the extraterrestrial core story, and more serious concerns of core tales used to access real core government secrets.”


All of which is to say, other than tease the reader yet again, that another bamboozler, the CIA’s Ron Pandolfi, is interested – really – in how the real truth behind SERPO might come out.


In June 2005, Dan T.Smith contacted Dr. Kit Green about his intention to pursue government disclosure of the core story.


Note the date.  This was following the MAJ-approved signature of Dan Burisch on his General Affidavit of April 13th, 2005, only weeks before.  Dr. Kit Green had been wooed by Bill Hamilton, to verify Dan Burisch’s credentials, not knowing that Kit Green was already “in the fold”.  The affidavit was a signal to other lower-level bean-boxes that an approved ‘Disclosure’ was indeed afoot.  Dr. Green knew more than he let on at any given moment in his career.

Smith cited several items which he believed signaled the possibility of a core revelation, including Pandolfi's "recent elevation at DNI [Office of the Director of National Intelligence]," a book by former USAF Captain Robert Collins which claimed to reveal the details behind an outlandish government cover-up of the UFO core story, and a proposed meeting to approach Dr. Henry Kissinger, who was rumored to have held the highest level position within an alleged UFO committee at the National Security Council.


This is Grade-A bamboozling; Heinz Kissinger was MJ-5 at that time, in 2005, and was one of the decision-makers that ‘allowed’ Robert Collins to learn what he learned.  The reader can be certain that the ‘elevation’ of the underling Ron Pandolfi at DNI ‘Dadmiral’ McConnell’s office wasn’t made without Henry’s approval, either.  In fact, word swept the black-ops community of bean-box occupants that indeed, ‘Disclosure’ was about to occur, ‘staaring’ Dan Burisch and admitting to the Zetan connection and the Tau-9 Treaty Conference For The Preservation of Humanity. 

"Mr. Smith is correct regarding my position with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence," Pandolfi would later write to one researcher, a fact now verified by the official release of Pandolfi's DIA/MASINT high frequency gravity wave study.


“Yes, I’m well-connected, I can prove it.”  Again, reader beware.  Just because an individual works for the DNI does not a truthful Discloser make.  Particularly when it involves the DIA, where much of Majestic’s garbage is allegedly taken out.  So far we have mention of a gravity wave study, but yet no affidavits, no publicly verifiable data links, etc.


"Currently my component is housed within a DIA facility and we use their servers for internet access so my official e-mail ends with My close friend and colleague Dr. Green has investigated the SERPO story and may be able to offer some clues as to who might be behind the story."


“My bean-box is DIA.  My co-bamboozler, Dr. Green, will tease you with potential proofs of who’s really doing the hoaxing.”


A few months earlier Pandolfi had questioned whether the seduction of otherworldly sources within the core story had been used to penetrate the blackness of government secrecy.


Excuse me?  Are we hearing an insinuation that ETs  are in bed with the secret gov’t. and they’ve been “seduced” by…..whom?  A James Bond type?  Could this be a reference to Dan Burisch, who might have “seduced” Chi’el’ah (how many otherworldly sources are there?) in order to learn what Dadmiral – the DNI – knew but wasn’t telling?  The mind twists!


Bekkum is either being willingly hoodwinked or has winked a’plenty at the sources feeding him this twisted tale.

Pandolfi's personal use of "sources and methods" was, as always, unconventional.


When you work for the DNI, you have, in a word, ACCESS.  While researching the DNI’s phone number, I myself was startled to learn it had access to the worldwide Microsoft network.  As to what it could glean from that, I’ve no idea, but I have a healthy suspicion.

In June 2006 Mr. Smith described a conversation with Pandolfi involving the UFO core story and a previous revelation of government complicity of the extraterrestrial kind.


This was in the month following Dan Burisch’s induction into the Priory of Sion; he and Dadmiral, as well as Marcia McDowell and an aide-de-camp to the DNI himself, were all inducted at that time.  A Jesuit became spokesman for the Burisch ‘Disclosure’ team.  The rest of the MAJI were inducted into lesser secret societies, in preparation for the “frosty season” (as Dan Burisch referred to the run-up to the ‘Catastrophe’).  Dan Burisch was to begin the public phase of his Disclosure, with his first debut ball to be held at Camelot, an interview with none other than the successful SERPO proponent Bill Ryan and his partner, Kerry Cassidy.  The conversation “Mr. Smith” had with Pandolfi might have alluded to these events.

In the 1980s, UFO revelations were largely driven by a series of "leaked" but unconfirmed documents about a government group known as MAJESTIC, presumably managed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff as MAJIC (JIC being the ubiquitous acronym for Joint Intelligence Committee) and under command of MJ-12.


Majestic and MJ-12 are one-and-the-same.  The employees under the Majestic Twelve refer to the colloquial ‘Majestic’, and number less than 2,000 at last count, and probably far fewer since that time.

Over time the ever growing number of MJ related documents were debunked by skeptics for various flaws and their idiosyncratic design.


See the debunking-of-the-debunking above.  Readers need to be aware of what they are subtly being led to conclude.  Majestic, or MJ-12, is a very real organization, and just because the ‘new group’ may have chosen a new name (Sion) as a result of the various ‘disclosures’ in the Burisch saga, does not mean that the directors of US political, military, scientific, and financial power simply walked away from the extraterrestrial secrets they were entrusted with.  By any other name, the group has and will be known as ‘Majestic’, in keeping with its original commissioning in the 1940s.


As regards the rest of the Bekkum article at, it’s a waltz for the most part, with dancing partners Pandolfi and Kit Green, point man Doty making recurring appearances, John Andrews, Lee Graham, a Col. Hennessey (who did it in the parlor with the candlestick or a flying saucer file, take your pick), and various other shadowy characters all on the government’s dime and more likely than not in the secret government’s bean-box.  One of them, anyway.  Whispers and murmurs about polygraphs passed or failed hold no water; the information is suspect to begin with, and if the purveyor passes, one could say the perp is simply being sincere and believes what he is purveying.  If he fails, one could say he’s been threatened or pressured, or is simply repeating a lie he was ordered to repeat.  Polygraphs are meaningless.  Affidavits, on the other hand, are valid currency, IF they are first-person.  Where are the affidavits in all this?  Where is one bit of verifiable evidence in all this?  EXACTLY. There IS and ARE none.


One statement in the remainder sticks out, however:


Pandolfi told one interested party, "Keep in mind that the SERPO storytellers left many false links back to DIA and other intelligence organizations while protecting their own trail with false e-mail addresses."


Like I said earlier; DIA is often where Majestic takes out its trash.


ENOUGH of this bamboozling; we need public and transparent hearings that will finally reveal what Majestic has been hiding from the public for their entire existence. While they have done a great and patriotic job in the minds of some, in the past anyway, that time has come and gone and the people have a right to know the situation as it truly is.




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