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Bible code screen grabs
—People are currently investigating these finds. We hope they will be confirmed shortly.

A guest posted:
I found Burisch's bible code in my Bible tech software.

From Genesis 3:3-5:26
I used Hebrew words for regular words and English for proper names at an equidistant letter skip of 179. It was on the left side of the matrix and horizontal words are on lines 7 and 8.

It reads:
with the D for Danny intersecting column 179 and row 8

Then the word TREE intersects up and down through the word DISCOVERER. and the name CRAIN goes up and down with the C for Crain starting on line 8 and hanging right under the word DISCOVERER.

The whole matrix intersects which make it more valuable and the word DISCOVERER and the word TREE make the whole matrix look like a tree with FRUIT hanging on it.
I hacked it through and experimented until I ran into it





A guest posted:
No dondep they only compute in Hebrew. I ran matrixes at 179, 11, and 10 skips. His name goes all the way down to a 10 skip which is unheard of unless you are like a John Kennedy like person. The one I did at 179 for CRAIN, SOLAR, EARTH shows the word EARTH going through the name CRAIN twice. When I looked at it close, I saw that the upper earth was equal on both sides of his name. The lower earth was split 2/3 one side to 1/3 the other side. Didn't he say something about 2/3 of the people dying if a catastrophe hit? Look yourself at it.Then at skip 11 CRAIN, DANNY, FLOWER AND GRAPEVINE showed up together and the matrix meaning matches the text it's in! I started getting nervous about then. I also ran codes for GATEWAY, OPENING, DISASTER, SOLAR, AMEND/FIX, and they all hit at 179 skip and the codes arched over his name. It's freaking me out and that's enough. After I did the 10 skip and found his name again with TREE I shut it down.




A guest posted:

If anyone out there is running the codes, use TREATY at a skip of 179. The name forms an upside down "V" shaped mountain over the name Danny Crain.
Tell me still coincidence?
Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 3:14 pm    
My name is Denny. My late husband had this stuff on his computer. Here's the code for treaty. It goes over Crain like a tent


I suppose you could type in any person name if you wish and it shouldn't matter if it's any language but the software I have works with English-Hebrew. You type in a key code which comes out in a red circle. The key code I used was Crain. Then the other words are picked from a dictionary or first names section in the software and typed the names then picked the choice from the Hebrew. That turns them into Hebrew words. Like if you want Danny, go to first names and type Danny in the box, it will hilight Danny automatically and I click to run it. It puts it in the code tray picked. There are more than one possible Hebrew words for each English one. The TREATY that worked was second in the list and I put it in the bottomost secondary code so it would stand out. Each secondary code has a different color and shape so they can be told apart. When I use the letter skips, I choose "Torah" and make the minimum and maximum numbers the same, like Minimum: 179 Maximum: 179 then click run. After it runs I I get the matches, I picked the first one in the list and clicked go to matrix. That gives the matrix.