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majestic session

Nov. 13, 2003

Don Deppeller is contacted by an insider and presented with the opportunity to talk to Dr. Dan Burisch via Yahoo's Instant Messenger with webcam.

Many topics are covered in this initial conversation, including: the J-Rod; Disclosure of the ET presence; the possibility of a future global catastrophe; the politics of the Committee of the Majority, Majestic Twelve and the Illuminati; The Tau IX Treaty for the Preservation of Humanity; the rogue faction of the J-Rods; MIB's; stargate technology; the 'Ark' mentioned in the Q-94 document; the Doctrine of Convergent Timelines Paradox; and the disturbing revelation that Dr. Burisch already knew of Don's real name - and other details about Don's life - having "overheard" a conversation between some MIBs.

Nov. 13, 2003

On the same evening, Dan Burisch talk to Marcman/318

Dr. Dan Burisch describes in detail the process which takes place when the Ganesh Particles emerge from the activated crystals.

Nov. 13, 2003

Later that same night Dr .Burisch is put in contact with Human Subject #58-001

They discuss chemtrails [Project Raindancer], the Ark and spiritual matters pertaining to God and Dan warns:

"For many years I begged, as I think many biologists do, to have the Holy Grail of see the origin of life... now I am realizing that I may have entered upon her territory...and must proceed very carefully, and with the utmost respect.. such respect as is lacking in the greater part of the scientific community.. as much of that community has lost her way, from the path of God."

Nov. 14, 2003

Transcript of a conversation between Dr. Dan Burisch and Dondep

Dr. Burisch expands upon some concepts involved with the DCTP issue. He postulates the idea that a "future Humanity" wanting so desperately to preserve themselves after a catastrophe goes back to the dawn of humanity, finds our own "progenitor", and makes changes (in our DNA - from a triple helix to a double helix) to prevent their own problems.

Dan Burisch: "Thus, the serpent... is actually the dark human heart that was from the future that attempted to change a past that it didn't understand...thus causing our fall from grace which it believed had already occurred...–– The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge." ... Dr. Burisch warns that " We have a history of not trusting the One that put us here... to muck more...they again won’t have what they want.. possibly." Later explaining that, "I am forbidden to attempt any genetic decoding whatsoever."

Nov. 28, 2003

Dondep is contacted by an "insider" known as a Preserve Destiny

It is "believed" that Preserve Destiny is actually Lord Hill-Norton, former Lord Admiral of the Fleet of the UK.
Dondep inquires about the "bird (alien) and clock (DCTP) " issues and Dr Nicholas Severs regarding the Rancher Memo.

Preserve Destiny explains that the "rings" are a term used for the man-made stargates. And that, "The rings pose a threat by their very existence, used either by impassioned dictators or well-meaning scientists."

He says that "The clothed ones" that you calls "MIBs" are JRods. Explaining that, "They have undergone a neurological exchange process that I do not fully understand. This exchange process is similar to what you are aware happened to Dan at an early age. They are wearing the dead." And adds that they are"rogue", in that they have made that choice as a matter of alliance with genocidal concepts.

Dondep asks "So have you, yourself, seen these pages from Yellow Book from the future? And if so, why are they such a moving, yet immutable target?" Preserve Destiny answers that they are mutable, but that " If perspectives are shared, time lines are accurately described, the pages are similar."

Amongst the many topics discusses in this conversation which lasted approximately three-and-a-half hours, Preserve Destiny describes Project Rain Dancer as a "smashing success" and that "The weapon is not intended to harm our population."

Dec. 13, 2003

Dan Burisch talks to the group from GodLikeProductions

This is the first "group" chat and many questions are asked by various people. It covers everything from the "Rancher Memo" to chemtrails and more.

Dec. 16, 2003

Transcript of a conversation between Raven and Dondep

This is the first conversation with someone on the "inside" working with Dr. Burisch.

Dec. 16, 2003

Transcript of a conversation between Dr. Dan Burisch and Dondep

Don asks Dan, "Do you know for a fact that your research did not result in bioweapons being produced?"

Dan's reply was that GPs were used in Florida (Blackwater) and the Army was involved. This was unauthorized by him - and that "The unauthorized use of it in Florida would constitute as much [bioweapons]."

He goes on to expand upon characteristics of the Ganesch Particle, and how it has managed to remain hidden from scientists for so long and he just happened upon it by looking at the right place, at the exact right moment. It "decloaks" near the target cell, but only for a short time.

Dan makes the statement "I will put it directly to you- I am telling the truth as I know it. Period. No lies, no back stabbing bullshit, just what I know to be true... Whenever I say something, if I only know it to be via 2nd hand (like the triangles) or 3rd hand or rumor...I tell it that way."
He lists:

  • The J-Rod - 1st hand.
  • The entity [Cherubim] 1st. hand.
  • PX (2nd. hand, info provided to me) haven't seen it.
  • Stargate- Looking glass/natural one - 1st hand
  • Yellow Book (we called it differently, but same thing) - 1st hand
  • Components of the Ark- 1st hand, biospheric domes. I haven't seen them.
  • And that "they" [Believed to mean Majestic] tried to erase his memory, but it did not "take"

Dan explains that Bill Hamilton came up with the "key" to the Ganesch Particles, THE PAVITRAKAS, due to his being a "damned good researcher". He explains that each Pavitrakas comes in the form of a serpent, the inside of the serpent is a ladder, pointing out the connection, "Serpent - ladder - our ole friend deoxy-rna"