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The Affidavit of Dan Burisch
Ruling of April 11, 05

Form 256 - Response
Form 255 Request to Admit
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Application for Leave
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P.I.F. Don Deppeller



"Form 255 Request To Admit" is a little known form of an Affidavit for use in Federal Court of Canada proceedings.a week of negotiations on the wording of a document that would be acceptable to both we the Applicants - to corroborate our case and prove our allegations were legitimate.We came to an amicable and mutually satisfactory Form 255 Request To Admit and accompanying Form 256 Response document, signed on April 9th, 2005, which we then submitted to the judge at the special sitting of the Court. It was my belief that these Forms corroborated our allegations to the degree that our request should have been found plausible and arrangements made accordingly.