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The Affidavit of Dan Burisch
Ruling of April 11, 05

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P.I.F. Don Deppeller





The following document is the official position of the Solicitor for the Respondent in answer to our bringing the Application for Leave and Judicial Review. The Respondent is the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and is represented by the Dept. of Justice, the head of which is the Attorney General of Canada. In this document they try to make the case for why the Affidavit of Dr. Burisch, of April 13th, 2005, should not be tested.

Although our original submission was many pages, we are only presenting the Reply, which is the 'last word' before the paperwork in the case goes off to Ottawa for a ruling by the sitting duty justice of the Federal Court. That justice will either dismiss the case or order a remedy.



Response to reply: