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In July 2004, an open letter was posted by Mr. Knapp in the Las Vegas Mercury, included in this writer’s subsequent email to him:


Hello George;

I understand you saw Dan Burisch and his wife at a local eatery late last year and stared at him until his wife had to mention it to the manager. I know of your history with Bob Lazar, and thank you for helping bring that story to the general public.

This email was prompted by the following snip posted on the GLP forum this morning, and I'd like to confirm it indeed came from you if possible:

Las Vegas Mercury
Thursday, July 08, 2004
By George Knapp

A Las Vegas man who claims to have a doctorate in microbiology is making a minor splash in UFO circles.

Dr. Dan Burisch, formerly known as Dr. Danny Crain, claims to have worked at a secret Nevada military facility, where it was his job to take tissue samples from an extraterrestrial being.

Crain has been trying to peddle this tall tale for about 14 years now.

Knappster believes his claimed Ph.D. is phony, since Crain was working for the state Parole and Probation Department at the time he supposedly earned the degree.

UFO Magazine, a respected periodical in this wacky field, is working on a story about "Dr." Crain´s credibility problems.

Anyone out there remember him, either from his days at P&P or from UNLV, or from his stint as a Sahara Hotel security guard?

Drop me a note if you do.

Since I know you are a veteran journalist of many years standing, I presume you have done some basic research on the subject at hand, Dr. Dan Burisch. Which means that you must have read the materials thoroughly at the following URL:

[original URL redacted; material now available at HYPERLINK

Which is why I am puzzled by this assertion that Dr. Burisch is "trying to peddle this tall tale for about 14 years." Who is doing the peddling? Isn't Dr Burisch a 'reluctant witness' that was drawn-out by the leakage of the now-infamous Q94-109a document? And who has sufficient awareness to label this a 'tall tale'? True, the implications are indeed mind-boggling, but as an objective journalist surely you can use the term "alleged" rather than exhibiting such bias before you've researched the supposed facts.

As to whether the "field" of Ufology is 'wacky', it seems that the field is only defined by the clumsy attempts of some that don't do their homework, namely this UFO Magazine, which appears to be a fifth-column of the Coverup. For that publication to make the blatant claim that they have a photo of a "J-rod" borders on perjury. I know the history of that photo, and if you need further confirmation of its inauthenticity you should contact Bill Hamilton, former director of Skywatch and the one man who has more than ample evidence of Dr. Burisch's biography. If you'd like his email for direct correspondence, I'm sure he would be more than happy to hear from you.

So please, if possible, can you confirm whether this post from today's Mercury originated with you? Are you in fact researching the story of Dr. Dan Burisch and the wider story of what his work implies? If so, there is a group of citizens from around the globe who had many conferences between last November and the end of May with Dr Burisch, including live webcam conferences, live meetings, and science lectures with him. No "expose" of this story would be complete without a discussion with this group, and the gravity of the story's implications warrant that.

Please let me know how we can be of assistance.


George replied later that day:

Subject: RE: Dr. Dan Burisch

I was told that I had recently been in the same restaurant as Dan, but I only heard about if afterward. I never saw him, certainly didn't stare him down, and am not even sure I would recognize him anymore. I haven't seen him in more than ten years.

it would be interesting to hear the name of the restaurant and the manager. That could be checked out.



Subject: RE: Dr. Dan Burisch

You can believe what you want, but Dan Crain has been actively and directly promoting this stuff for many years, trying to get someone to buy into it, while pretending to be the poor reluctant witness who is risking his life to tell all.   I'm not going to be covering any group discussions about the implications of his work since it is a total crock. If he has got you 'snowed' based on bits and pieces of UFO mumbo jumbo that he has appropriated here and there, then that's your problem.

I don't mean to be too harsh, but believe me, I worked on this stuff for a long time. It is my firm believe that Dan and his associates are playing mind games, either for ego or because they're meant to be a distraction. Thanks for writing. You are certianly welcome to send along any other information that you think I should see, but I'm not going to get into a running debate about DC's legitimacy.


Thanks for responding. And you are so right about the "mind games". But when you say Dan Burisch (yes, he changed his name last decade to the surname of his step-daughter's last name) is peddling "mumbo jumbo" etc, remember that he was also some kind of minister in a disinfo cover "church" called the 'Sanctuary of the Golden Pedal', designed to produce scoffing by naive prying eyes that might actually get close enough to learning about the projects he worked on. Are you aware of this?

Having had a front-row seat, in a manner of speaking, I can assure you that this is the most far-reaching and complex story in the 'field' to have ever come along. I'd defy anyone to put all the pieces together to support a hypothetical claim that would so cavalierly claim it's "mumbo jumbo".

Dan himself rues the fact that his co-worker only leaked q94-109a, without the even more-important q94-109b, c, and d. I'm not about to attempt to validate every insinuation of the story, whether it be the alleged stargates, the 'benevolence' of the J-rods, the placement of the Lotus 'model' in order to be found in the future, the 'oval mass of energy' that is threatening earth at this very moment, the DCTP, etc.... much of this material wasn't even given to Dan until very recently. I have received quite a bit of info from some of the security/communications personnel that perform sundry duties for Majestic, and have checked and re-checked much of the info. What I'm saying, in essence, is that there is far too much smoke here for there not to be a major fire that should require investigation by the duly-elected authorities. Disclosure isn't going to be handed on a silver platter to any one individual, hoping to ride it to his/her personal glory, but through careful analysis of a massive amount of documentation.

There is no "running debate" among those who know he's legitimate; it's a running debate about whether the projects he worked on and discusses are what they claim to be. The biggest project of all is already on public record; Project Preserve Destiny. I'm sure you've read "Above Black:Project Preserve Destiny" by Sgt. Dan Sherman. [] What's your take on that? It's the same project DBCB worked on; supposedly a preparation for the coming cataclysms.

The whole paradigm fits, but the trick is filtering the dis/misinfo out. I truly hope that's what you are trying to do, and not merely smear a good-hearted scientist who, despite working for the Coverup, has tried to make amends and let the 'interested few' know of the reality behind this Coverup.

Thanks for the dialog; hope we can do some good with you.



From: HYPERLINK "" (Victor Martinez)
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(plus 64 other individuals, most of them well-known in the ‘ufology’ community)

Subject: Open letter to the crazed Burisch lunatic cultists from GeorgeKnapp!

Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 20:14:25 -0700

From: GEORGE KNAPP, Investigative Journalist, KLAS-TV


From: HYPERLINK "" (George Knapp)

Date: Fri, Sep 9, 2005, 8:20 p.m. PST

VICTOR:  I will respond to this claptrap, BUT with considerable reluctance. It's pretty clear from the postings here and elsewhere that whatever I say WON'T matter a bit. Dan Crain and his always creative PR team can make up whatever nutty story they want to, and no matter how many times they are CAUGHT IN OBVIOUS LIES, they always resort to the ultimate defense - that all of this has been manufactured and manipulated by dark and all-powerful forces. It's the equivalent of saying, "Yeah, it may not make sense to you, but that's because we have magic beans!"  The magic beans explain everything. How do you argue with THAT?!

I'm also reluctant to spend too much time on this because it's clearthey REALLY get a kick out of it! They've been peddling this story for 16 years now, but in all that time poor, heroic Dan has somehow managed to escape assassination while openly peddling fantastic "secrets" from a supposedly ultra-super-duper secret program!  Come on, does that really seem remotely believable?!

Aldrich Ames went to federal prison for life for revealing ACTUAL SECRETS that were far less grandiose than Dan's imaginary ramblings, yet Crain continues to write books, appear in public, chat on the Internet, and add new and astounding details to his mythology on an almost daily basis, and no one in big bad Washington has the resources or will to get him to tone it down a bit?!

In a post-9/11 world where hundreds of people are imprisoned indefinitely without any charges being filed, and where federal agents are empowered to bug phones, investigate library records, and hold secret tribunals, DOES IT REALLY MAKE SENSE that Crain can sell DVDs in which he reveals supposedly classified information?!

People who will believe this, as absurd as it is on its face, won't care one tiny bit about information that is in direct conflict with their core beliefs. This is a MATTER OF FAITH for them. It is their religion.  Crain's publicists can issue whatever response they choose, and it will be accepted by the folks WHO WANT TO BELIEVE.

I used to think that Dan and his cohorts were common but creative hustlers, trying to ratchet up some interest in their assorted books and tapes.  While that suspicion certainly rings true, I also believe they're doing it because it MAKES THEM FEEL IMPORTANT. It's like some kind of live, interactive video game or role-playing fantasy for them.  They've created this parallel world where their otherwise INSIGNIFICANT LIVES HAVE MEANING and purpose, and they're all really important figures who are BATTLING EVIL for the good of mankind.

Maybe they didn't get enough respect during their Dungeons and Dragons phase. Maybe they all sit around smoking doobies and laughing about the next round of bullshit they will foist upon their limited audience. (If that's what's going on, I would almost have to tip my hat to them because it's clear they are having fun, while making a few bucks on the side.)

I've wondered whether it [Burisch] is some sort of OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED DISINFORMATION EFFORT something that is MEANT TO DISTRACT SERIOUS INVESTIGATORS from more worthwhile pursuits, a tactic that has proven successful in the UFO field in the past.

But then it occurs to me that surely the dastardly minds at the CIA/DIA/Illuminati/MJ-12 scouting combine could surely have recruited a more credible and less dysfunctional group of covert operatives that this collection of social misfits. These are the kids who were always the last ones to be picked for volleyball during gym class!

Now, they've created a make believe world where they all get to play James Bond or Pussy Galore, and there's no way that logic or anything else is going to make them return to their other, less interesting lives.  Sorry to ramble, but that's just my take on it.

As for this material mentioned below, it certainly fits their pattern. They cherry-pick one or two tidbits that are real, and then they weave them into an Easter Bunny tale that is more to their liking.  Again, it won't matter what I say about what REALLY happened because it will only give them new ammo, but here goes:

I NEVER saw any travel manifest that listed Dan Crain's name on it. I have NO  idea WHAT they are talking about. I did receive an extraordinary amount of unsolicited mail from  several anonymous sources, all of it about Dan, all of it  of dubious value.

Admittedly, one or two of the letters were intriguing, but I eventually concluded that Dan and friends were the source of EVERY bit of it.  I don't know why they are going to the trouble of making up the bit about the travel itinerary, but it's their show.

I've never heard this chestnut about a "Special Access Program" in which participants were "in a special ritual category for 27 years." Please.... Why 27 years?  Why not 26 years and 8 months, and they only get to see the sunlight on Groundhog's Day?!

Bob Lazar NEVER worked at Tonopah.  I don't care how many phony names or supposedly reliable sources you care to fabricate to say otherwise, but it's just NOT true.  I've known Bob longer than ANY person who's likely to read this stream and have been over his story more times than you can imagine, and no matter what anyone thinks about his allegations, this little detail WAS MADE UP BY SOMEONE other than Bob.

The mysterious "Joseph G." was NOT attached to Flight Control at Nellis. He worked for the Public Information Office. His name is Joe Girouard. He was, in effect, a P.R. operative for Nellis.  He also described himself to me as "Dan Crain's best friend."   They were close enough that Joe asked Dan to be the best man at his wedding.  Joe also became the P.R. agent for Dan. It's true that he helped to organize and promote the Horizons event.

In retrospect,  Joe and I agree that the event seemed to have been designed to get some public attention for his pal Danny.  After Crain got married and cut off all contact with Joe and with the Crain family, Joe went to work as the press laison for Nevada's Lt. Governor.  My guess is that his name is now being mentioned by Dan's flock because I already made it public in an article published last year in "UFO Magazine."  (You can look it up, unless, the records have mysteriously disappeared.)

Joe knows a heck of a lot about Dan.  The message from the Crainologists is almost certainly a form of preventive damage control. They are WORRIED about what Joe might reveal in the future, so they are recreating him as a shadowy military guy without a last name.  Nice touch.

I NEVER confronted Dan and his lovely bride with any DOD manifest.  I don't believe I ever met Deborah at all. I only had a few face-to-face chats with Dan, and there was NO Deborah at any of them.  I know that 1990 IS the year that Deborah met Dan, since I have recently retrieved a copy of her criminal record.  At the time, Dan was working full time as a probation officer (while simulteanously obtaining his PhD in NewYork and bonding with J-Rod up at Papoose).

Deborah was ordered by a judge to meet regularly with her probation officer following her conviction on drug trafficking charges, and that's how their love blossomed.  A few years ago, a story surfaced among Crain followers that I encountered the happy couple at a Las Vegas restaurant and that I stared at them so intently that Dan asked the manager to have me removed.

If you believe that a Las Vegas restaurant would kick out a TV reporter because of unbridled stariing, then I don't know what to say.

After seeing so many recent photos of Dan on various Web sites, I would certainly recognize him if I saw him, but at the time, I wasn't exactly fixated on his various fairy tales and don't think I would have known him from the waiter. (Of course, I was preoccupied at the time. The Iluminati ordered me to eat a grilled cheese sandwich that may or may not have contained a top-secret microfilm.)

The stuff about Lazar and Crain working on similar projects or somehow interacting is wishful thinking on someone's part. If Lazar worked on "avionics," it's news to me.

Not that any of this matters one bit.  It's just fuel for their IMAGINARY FIRE.

Investigative Journalist
Las Vegas, NV



Mr. Knapp,

In person via telephone, you were polite, but behind my back you sent the following statement to a friend of mine ....." So when I get what I perceive to be some sort of pressure, applied by several people, on something as minor-league as this, I am not patient. Yours was the fourth of fifth message I had received
in a twelve-hour period urging me to accept this offer for an interview,
something I never requested in the first place."

I guess I was mistaken; I was under the impression that you had made a serious call for information regarding Dr. Burisch's Ph.D. And even when we spoke one-on-one you seemed genuinely interested: I said "it [the meeting] sounds wonderful, looking forward to it" to which you responded "me too". I had no idea until your email that you considered this meeting to be a trivial bother.

If meeting the one person who could shed light and give a first hand accounting of the matter you claim to be investigating is such a burden for you, I must assume that you really had no interest in taking an unbiased approach to your investigation. It's clear you prefer to continue to sling mud and present blatantly false statements about Dr. Burisch's case, such as those you gave to the UFO Magazine last year, or those you made concerning Ms. Burisch (which prompted her complaint to your superiors last month).

Deborah Burisch has informed me that she has decided not to sit an interview with you now - saying, among other things, that you do not deserve a face to face interview with her. She said, "he had one last chance, and he blew it". So, this email is being sent to notify you that the interview and meeting scheduled for Friday October 14, 2005 at 10:30 am is herewith cancelled.

I honestly believed that you finally decided to take a more balanced approach to your research of Dr. Burisch's case. That's why I convinced Ms. Burisch to give you another chance. Perhaps people will now understand why Dr. Burisch has flatly refused to ever sit an interview with you. Anyway his wife now says the same thing. I wonder how long it is going to be before the community at large recognizes what is going on under your facade.

Soon, sir, you will have nothing upon which to base your stories about Dr. Burisch except the musings of that covey of schoolteachers in the UK which so impressed you recently.

I had planned to bring KLAS-TV a great deal of documentation, including the comments of an American medical doctor who also holds a Ph.D degree in neurophysiology who went the record last year with the following comment about Dr. Burisch's work: he said, "It would be foolish for me to ask about a specific area of molecular biology in which I am not as advanced as is he (Dan Burisch): his writings on profound biochemical and genetic postulates are beyond my single medical school course in pathophysiology...". I also had planned to bring extensive information concerning Dr. Burisch's work on the remediation of cancer tumors using taurine chloramine - your sarcastic past remarks about Chlorox set aside for the moment - and could even have shown you original sworn affidavits attesting to Dr. Burisch's work in secure facilities, his Ph.D and other topics germane to your investigation. But clearly, this kind of input would fly in the face of your 'style'.

You know George, when it does come time for the full truth to come out, you've written yourself and KLAS-TV right out of this story.


Marcia A. McDowell, M.A.



To truly understand its potential impact on how a journalist could show such bias as many can readily see, the reader should know the facts of that weekend in May 1990 when Dan (then Dan Crain, as this was before his name change) first met George in public debate:

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