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DATELINE — December 7, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Recently a serious effort has been mounted by several well-known names in ufology to "disclose" the alleged "reality" of an extraterrestrial "exchange program" that sent a team of 12 humans (10 men and 2 women, 12 men, or 11 men and 1 woman, depending on which disinformation specialist you may be listening to or reading) to a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system in 1966. The planet name is called SERPO, according to this tale. This is unfortunate, because there are actually certain elements in this story that are true, as is the case with all 'disinfo'. However, the central contention - that humans went to a Zetan planet and lived among them - is patently false and an example of how the true Disclosure effort will be interfered with in the coming year, according to Dr. Burisch. In a recent posting at the Stargate Forum (click on the link at the corner of this page), Dan claims that the name is derived from the following capitalized letters spelled backwards: OPeration RESearch. This is to be followed by another planet in that star system, to be known as DROPO (OPeration ORDer). And allegedly we may hear that this is where the famous "Dropa Stones" come from. The humans live there for over a dozen years and tell of the life of these Zetans. Now, there may well be a world like that where our once-and-future beings were in residence there in Zeta Reticuli, as we know that some come from there, but according to Dr. Burisch there was no 'exchange program'. However, being that we DID have guest visitors from the Zeta Reticuli star system (the J-rods), Dan has been kind enough to share this bit despite the fact it will be more fully covered in his debriefing:

"We taught them a certain type sign language. Once learned, matching to concrete items, photos, models, and film were used to teach our language in depth. Then they could communicate telepathically into our minds, with our language. With that, they partially taught us their language. They DO NOT regularly communicate as we speak (use of vocal cords and acoustics), as that is considered highly emotive and does not fit well into their utilitarian outlook. They have a writing ability, but I cannot speak to how that works, until it comes out in the debriefing. Safe to say, it is quite an elegant multidimensional method they employ.

These guys from the Aviary
[editor's note: the 'Aviary' is allegedly a group of former officers, officials and employees of Majestic that have made it their business to 'manage' as much or as little Disclosure as they personally feel the public should know of, and were 'cut away some time ago to operate as loose cannons'] make it look like the J-Rods are a bunch of monks chanting away in Organum...or is it that they just took the tonal stuff from Spielberg's "Taken"? The account involving their work, women, etc. is all science fiction [expletive deleted]. I wish I could say something better of it, but truth is truth."

EDIT to add: I have been asked, via a couple emails, to specify which J-Rod's to which I was referring, with the above statement that read...

"They DO NOT regularly communicate as we speak (use of vocal cords and acoustics), as that is considered highly emotive and does not fit well into their utilitarian outlook."

Good question. Normally, when I mention a J-Rod, I am thinking of the one with which I interacted, a P+52K
{readers note: these would be those J-rods from 52,000 years in our future}. The P+52K's do not usually audibly speak language, but can make " 'vestigial' language sounds" The one I was with had lost the ability altogether. The P+45K J-Rods can {those J-rods from 45,000 years in our future}, audibly speak language, to a very limited degree. Those of a lineage prior to the P+45K, to which I am privy (ex. a P+24K...there's a tickler for everyone...), are capable of uttering audible language, but they would less be associated with a so called "typical gray," than a diminutive present day human, therefore not having been covered in the wholly imaginative Serpo framework."

Also in the news this week is Dr. Burisch's post-expose exchange with George Knapp on the show that aired on post-Nov sweeps on December 1st. The KLAS-TV8 website that George Knapp works for sported the following notice which was picked up by Jeff Rense, followed by Dr. Burisch's rebuttal which was posted today on Rense:

Dr. Dan Burish -
Area 51 Scientist -
A Total Fraud?

UFO stories don't get any wilder than this one. A Las Vegas man has developed a cult-like following around the world by claiming to have worked with a live extraterrestrial at Area 51.

The story told by Dan Burisch is a whopper, but can he prove any of it? George Knapp of the Eyewitness News I-Team has the story of Dr. Dan's alien adventure. His name today is Dan Burisch. Before that it was Dan Catselas, and when Eyewitness News first ran into him, it was Dan Crain. "Doctor" Dan Crain, he says. But is he a doctor, and has he really been face to face with an alien in an underground lab? This story has a little bit of everything, including a lot of unanswered questions. When Channel 8 produced a story in 1994 about this volunteer teacher at the Boys and Girls club, he was introduced as Dr. Dan Crain. At the time, Dan Crain, now known as Dan Burisch, was supposedly participating in the most secret program in existence. But the secret is now out. Burisch has a worldwide following -- websites a message boards, books, audiotapes and DVDs. He has a publicist and a biographer, a high profile for a secret scientist. Burisch says he worked in an underground lab at S-4 near Area 51, the same place first made public by Bob Lazar. Inside he met an extraterrestrial named Jrod and they became pals. He also met angels in the lab and they spoke in Hebrew. On Frenchman's Mountain, Burisch discovered the first seeds of life on earth. Who believes this stuff? His wife Deborah for one. She signed a sworn statement saying she too works for MJ-12, the secret government. Family friend Marcia McDowell, another alleged secret agent, supports the story too. It's grown more complex ever since we first heard some of it in 1990. It's more complex now. There are photos of Burisch and his wife in military garb saluting each other. Neither ever served in the military. Intriguingly, they have a sticker on their windshield that allows access to Nellis AFB. Would a real government scientist be allowed to openly dribble out government secrets? We asked former army intelligence Colonel John Alexander. "It's highly improbable," said Col. John Alexander, retired army intelligence. What about his PHD? Burisch says he earned his doctorate in 1990 at Stony Brook University in New York. The school says he was never a student there. Burisch says his records were erased. But at the time he supposedly earned his degree in New York, records show, he had a full time job in Las Vegas as a parole officer. He now says he flew back and forth to the school on weekends. Ridiculous, the university says. He met his wife as a parole officer. She was there on drug charges. She's spent 12 years in the PBX department of the Mirage, but that's just a cover job. We asked MGM Mirage if they know they have a secret agent working for them in a cover job. They do now. Marcia McDowell, another secret operative, who solicited our coverage a few times, is seen in a video as she uncovers a space probe on Frenchman's Mountain and then meticulously dissects it's sophisticated electrical tape and rubber tubing. Someone else who believes Burisch is his mom, Dodie Crane, although she has some doubts too. "If my son is the biggest bull****er in the world, I want to know about it," said Dodie Crain, Dan's mom. Like everyone else in this story, Dodie declined an on camera interview, but told us her son, whom she hasn't seen in 12 years, is telling the truth. She's written her own book about it. For a final opinion on this story, we turned to a man who helped to inspire it and who supposedly was in the secret program with Burisch. "This is the biggest bull***t story I have ever heard in my life. Anybody that actually believes this guy should be ashamed of themselves. I never worked at Tonopah. I never met this knucklehead," said Bob Lazar. The sticker on the windshield is from Nellis. The United States Air Force says it's a low level sticker, easy to get, allowing access to the commissary, and that you can get one if you've had a relative in the military, as Deb Burisch has. Also, Eyewitness News did talk to UNLV where Dan Burisch really did earn a B.A. in psychology. He's listed in the alumni guide as having that PHD from New York, but UNLV told us the alumni guide doesn't verify someone's post graduate credentials, so just because it says PHD in the guide means little. Dan Burisch is a smart guy and this is an interesting story, which a lot of people seem to believe. We think it is sorely lacking in verifiable evidence. If any surfaces, we'd like to see it.


Response From Dan Burisch 12-6-5

Hello, Jeff

I just wanted to touch base with you about Robert Byrd, the man who filed an affidavit under penalty of perjury, and who actually confirmed my doctoral degree at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has been located and he will be interviewed by Ron Garner (, for the record and on tape. For further information, there is an independent site (I have spoken to the person, and provided an affidavit for him, but don't have any alliance with him) which can provide you much more information. My affidavit may be found at the above site, together with the clandestine photos taken of Deborah (my wife) in possession of the SUNY SB Ph.D. It is this type of affidavit that certain people in the ufocommunity and press don't want to ever see the light of day. Funny, isn't it? All these docs are public, yet KLAS TV 8 couldn't find them. They were able to locate an completely unrelated person's car, though, and spread that person's information all over the net.

This will give you a very small clue of what is coming next year. For instance, a certain neurophysiologist now has doubts, but before my account gained any for yourself. Further, the Aviary, now spouting disinformation about a nonexistent place called Serpo, has a now deceased acquaintance named Tom Mack. Tom, a vetted person from Groom Lake by the same group just mentioned, saw me at Papoose and confirmed it in a letter before his death. We have the letter.

I have attempted to attach files, but each time I do, they are sent back via mailer-daemon for excessive size. For further information, please also feel free to contact

Bill Hamilton (,

Marcia McDowell (,

or even Deborah Burisch (

I hope to chat with you next year, Jeff. At that time, Ron Garner will be doing all the scheduling.


Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.

H-6196-Maj-E ret.

The next day, the further rebuttal:

Response From Dan Burisch


Hello, Jeff

I just wanted to touch base with you about Robert Byrd, the man who filed an affidavit under penalty of perjury, and who actually confirmed my doctoral degree at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has been located and he will be interviewed by Ron Garner (, for the record and on tape. For further information, there is an independent site (I have spoken to the person, and provided an affidavit for him, but don't have any alliance with him) which can provide you much more information.

My affidavit may be found at the above site, together with the clandestine photos taken of Deborah (my wife) in possession of the SUNY SB Ph.D.

It is this type of affidavit that certain people in the ufocommunity and press don't want to ever see the light of day. Funny, isn't it? All these docs are public, yet KLAS TV 8 couldn't find them. They were able to locate an completely unrelated person's car, though, and spread that person's information all over the net.

This will give you a very small clue of what is coming next year. For instance, a certain neurophysiologist now has doubts, but before my account gained any for yourself. Further, the Aviary, now spouting disinformation about a nonexistent place called Serpo, has a now deceased acquaintance named Tom Mack. Tom, a vetted person from Groom Lake by the same group just mentioned, saw me at Papoose and confirmed it in a letter before his death. We have the letter.

I have attempted to attach files, but each time I do, they are sent back via mailer-daemon for excessive size. For further information, please also feel free to contact

Bill Hamilton (,

Marcia McDowell (,

or even Deborah Burisch (

I hope to chat with you next year, Jeff. At that time, Ron Garner will be doing all the scheduling.


Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.

H-6196-Maj-E ret.

The exchange between George Knapp and Dr Burisch was played out on the Stargate Forum also:

Dec. 1, 2005 Midnight local Las Vegas time:

Okay folks...THE BEAT DOES GOES ON!!!

Remember now...this list comes from about 3 minutes of Knapp-time...

{editor's note: the following exchange shows Dr. Burisch's first reply to the on-air presentation of his 'story', followed by a reply posted on the forum by George Knapp, shown by the initials 'GK', followed by a final reply by Dan as shown by the initials 'DB'.}

List of inaccuracies (primary):

1. George Knapp said my name was first: Danny
Catselas, then Danny Crain, then Burisch.

Wrong. My name was first Danny B Crain, then Danny B
Catselas Burisch.
It was legally changed in 1995 and the court docs are

(GK: No, YOU are wrong. That isn't what I said. I'm
looking at the script at this moment. And as of
tomorrow, the off-air version will be available on the website so you can all see it for yourself.
The exact line was "His name today is Dan Burisch.
Before that it was Dan Catselas. When we first ran
into him, it was Dan Crain." Isn't that the order?
My memory--which certainly isn't perfect in light of
the case of beer and ounce of meth that I consume
every night--insert smiley face here--is that Dan used
Catselas for a period before Burisch was added. I
could be wrong about that, but I'm not wrong about the

Furthermore, Dodie Crain told Jerry Pippins during
their interview that the last name was Catselas first
but that it was changed to Crain as "the only way to
get the blessings of the parents", whatever that
means. I don't have any interest in belaboring this
point and have never known of any other example in
which there was this much confusion about someone's
name, with the exception of families that have assumed
more than one new identity after entering the witness
protection program. Suffice to say, there is some
confusion, but there is no confusion about what I
said, as everyone can see for themselves soon enough.)

DB: I agree that I may have had the order out of place, but it makes no real difference as the base assertion is totally wrong- 3 names? No. I HAVE NEVER CARRIED THE NAME "DANNY CATSELAS"...
I was born on 2/2/64 under the name "Danny B Crain", and at the end of 1995 my name was changed to "Danny B Catselas Bursich". I have never carried any other name than those two, period.

2. George Knapp showed a sticker on a vehicle claiming
it was mine and/or Deb's, and said that we could have got it as Deb has a
family member in the U.S. Military.

Wrong. We have NEVER had a Nellis sticker on our
vehicle for Access to
NAFB...never. HE GOT THE WRONG CAR! ...God Bless him!
Further, Deb
has no
family member in the military. The last one she had
was her father. He
in 2000, and the last time he was in the military was
the Korean War!

(GK: Put it this way, there is a Nellis sticker on
the windshield of the car that sits in the parking
space assigned to Dan's apartment. Did a neighbor who
also has a Nellis sticker accidentally park in the
wrong space? The car with the sticker that was parked
in the space assigned to the Burisch apartment sure
looks lke the same car that is featured in the photos
taken at Frenchmans Mountain. And, as Dan's
supporters have pointed out , he and Deb have been
able to enter Nellis AFB at will, a point that seems
to hold great importance to some. A sticker like the
one on that windshield would certainly make access to
the base easier. Nellis told me, in writing, that
this particular sticker is pretty easy to get, so long
as someone in the family had been a member of the
military, and that the sticker expires at the end of
this year. I recognize that Deb's father wasn't an
active duty military man and that he passed away 5
years ago, but according to what Nellis told me, this
would still allow her to have such a sticker in order
to access the commissary, for example. If this is an
error, I will own up to it, but I think you can see
how this conclusion was reached. For my own
edification, I will call Nellis again to ask if they
can release the name of the person to whom that
sticker was assigned. I will also use other resources
to run a DMV check on the license plate of the car,
and no matter what the results show, I will pass the
information along to anyone who is interested. Fair

DB: That's right, George, there may be a car that is parked in our space, but the car is not ours, nor any friends of ours. When one assumes, one makes an... We don't use that space. Why? That's our business. Maybe I don't want my car photographed without my permission? Seems to have worked! We have never had a NAFB pass, as whenever we would enter NAFB, it was done with a liaison from inside. Yes, pass the information along, and find out that you are wrong.

3. George said he had a tape of Marcia uprooting a
Frenchman's Mountain.

Wrong. Oh, my God! It was the Aug 14, 2001 probe I
placed at
Mountain as a first attempt lure for GP's. ...and I
am still very
upset at
Marcia for stealing it. ...

(GK: This is pretty weird. I had no doubt that
someone in the group had planted the object there,
since Marcia had no trouble in finding it. The fact
that she knew it was created by Dan but STILL went
through this whole dramatic retrieval, followed by 20
or more minutes of a dissection procedure, comparable
to the alien autopsy, is perplexing. Anyone who has
seen this tape would think it represented the
discovery of the century. Dan says this was a probe.
Well, again I admit my ignorance, but this contraption
was made out of common electrical tape, some rubber
tubing, a couple of syringes, and what looks like a
meat thermometer. I realize I am opening myself up to
some cheap shots, but I have to say that this
device--to a layman-- looked ridiculous. MM's very
intense and lengthy dissection exercise of something
she knew was made by Dan seems all the more
theatrical. I have the entire tape, supplied by MM,
and will make it available to others who can judge it
for themselves. As with everything else in this case,
I am willing to be educated about any gaps in my
understanding of this . My characterization of the
object as "a space probe" does not seem out of line,
especially in light of the comments that Marcia makes
on this tape. If it was designed to detect GP's,
which, as I understand it, arrive here from outer
space, then I don't see how my terminology is so
objectionable. I did not say the probe itself arrived
from space, as viewers will see when they view my
story, but I can see how this could be
misinterpreted. Again, there were time constraints
involved. I could have spent the entire report
explaining the history of the hidden probe, I suppose,
but chose instead to move along to other things. Note
to Dan---since your wife stole your diploma and Marcie
stole your probe, you might wantt to hide your

DB: I will admit to not reading the entire reply, above, as the facts have never labelled the item as a SPACE PROBE. I put it was a biological experiment, which was remobved without my permission by Marcia. Wrong is wrong.

4. George said even my Mom had doubts.

Wrong. Look at the film. She was so pissed off when
she said, "well if my son is the biggest bullshitter in the world, then show
me..." She said it defensively and with extreme anger, as she was pissed
off at George at the time. I had Ron here, who was at that meeting and he
verified what was going on at the time. Perhaps he missed her
well as Byrd's, "Spangler's", and mine? I am sure he missed Tom Mack's

(GK: Okay, we can take Ron Garner's word for it, as
told second-hand to Dan, or we can view my tape of the
interview. Our camera was rolling throughout the
encounter. I know what was said and can prove it. Dan
seems pretty certain what his mom meant even though he
has not comunicated with her for many years. She
didn't seem pissed off at me, in my judgement,
especially since she and Ron were the ones who ASKED
to meet with me in the first place. The real issue is
this--did I accurately report what Dodie expressed to
me? Yes I did. As you will all see in the tape of the
story, my exact words were these: "Someone else who
believes Burisch is his mom, Dodie Crain, although she
has some doubts too." Another line was this:
"Dodie declined an on camera interview but told us her
son, whom she hasn't seen in 12 years, is telling the
truth." Explain to me how this is a
misrepresentation. I especially want to hear from all
of those who were not present for this exchange. By
that, I mean everyone else who is reading this.
Dodie believes her son but has some doubts. That is
an accurate assessment, whether anyone believes it or
not. I have the tape. You don't. )

DB: I have simply said that I observed her behavior at that was my take. It is very true that you quoted her saying that I am telling the truth, which is correct. No, I don't have the tape. I'll live with it.

5. George said that I graduated with my PhD at SUNY in
1990, then showed my work evals from P/P from 1990. I know they were mine,
as the copies of them originally came from me!

Wrong. 1989.

(GK: You've got to be kidding. Dan, are you trying to
say there is no confusion about just exactly when the
degree was earned? Look at your own accounts of this.
Look at the assorted, sometimes conflicting website
bio info. Sometimes it is 1990, sometimes it is 1989.
Dodie says the copy of the degree arrived at her home
at the end of 1990, a few months after the three
professors supposedly flew to LV. I'm glad that we
finally have a definitive , on the record statement
about exactly when you earned the doctorate. Now we
can move on to other things. As for the P&P records,
they show that you had a full time job in Las Vegas
from 88-90, so whether the degree was earned in 89 or
90, the same pertinent questions apply.)

DB: No confusion from any quote I have ever provided to the public...none. 1989. I received the cert from them in 1990, but it was eraned in 1989. One problem with taking information from the internet, is sometimes sacrificing accuracy. Being that it was not my report, nor my inaccuracies, I find no need to argue about it.

6. George said that the SUNY said "no way."

Correct tack from better believe if
they ever say "yes way" they are so sued!

(GK: I'm not sure who would sue the school if it
acknowledged that Dan was a student. I hope someone
could explain this. Surely the secret government would
do something more dramatic than a mere lawsuit. I
have a fairly thorough log of my conversations with
the university and will make this material public in
the near future. They emphatically state that Dan was
never a student, was never a doctoral candidate, was
never there. This is the view of the Registrar's
Office, the Graduate Studies Department, the Public
Information Office, and the chairmen of the biology
and genetics programs. One explanation for this is
that the records were erased and the school was
ordered to keep its mouth shut. Another explanation is
that Dan was never there. Take your pick. Occam's
Razor comes to mind.

One of the most interesting points made to me in the
last week is that Stony Brook (two words, by the way)
does not offer graduate-level courses on weekends, at
least not in the hard-science disciplines that Dan
claims. As a state school, SB's only weekend course
offerings are in subjects that serve working adults
who are seeking a career change. They have a few
business classes and a few nursing classes, and that's
it. When I asked if it is possible for someone to
earn a PhD in microbiology and/or genetics by taking
only weekend classes, they laughed out loud. This is
one of the top research universities in the world.
They took offense at the proposition that someone
could waltz in on weekends and earn a doctorate,
especially since classes in those subjects are not
offered on the weekends.

My opinion about the PhD controversy has been
expressed in great detail elsewhere. I asked for
someone to step forward to offer a rebuttal view to
the many questions that persist. No one has stepped up
to that plate. Even ardent supporters of Dan's
story must admit that they have to accept most of this
on faith. It flies in the face of everything we all
know about graduate school, and I do not think it is
unfair or out of line to suggest that the burden of
proof is on the folks who are championing this

One simple way to move the discussion to another level
would be to produce the diploma. We've all seen the
photos in the park.
Why not produce it? I tend to believe Dodie when she
says she saw a diploma of some kind. Obviously, Deb
and Marcia did too. Since the diploma is not
available for inspection, the rest of us are unable to
determine whether it is legit or not. I suppose the
response is that all will be revealed next year. Okay,
we can all wait. But I would add this--once the
debriefing is unveiled to the world, I hope that the
diploma is also released as well, athough I have my

As for the impending affadavits from people who will
verify Dan's connection to SUNY, I look forward to
reading them. I hope they are more substantive than
mere assertions from people who say they called the
school and were told on the phone that Dan had been a
student. I made that same call in 1994 and was told
there were no such records. Much has been made of the
evidentiary value of sworn affadavits, too much, I'd
say. Making a sworn statement to a notary about
something that is not in dispute in a court of law is
pretty weak. If I made a statement to a notary that
I am a visitor from Neptune, that I robbed banks ,
have two wives, and work as a hitman for the
Illuminati, what is the risk if I am lying? If I were
on trial for being an unregistered Neptunian bigamist
bank robber, a sworn statement might matter since it
would subject me to possible perjury charges. If I
made the same assertions in a courtroom while under
oath, the same thing would apply, but who really cares
about sworn statements that carry no risk? I posit
this in the interests of a fair and open exchange and
am willing to listen to contrary views.

Produce an affadavit from a former classmate or lab
partner or professor or school janitor. Let's hear
from someone who saw Dan at SUNY. This is not an
unreasonable request. As I have stated previously,
there were only a handful of doctoral candidates in
genetics during the period when Dan was supposedly at
SUNY. Anyone who is reading this can check the online
records for themselves. The names are all on the SUNY
website. If Dan's supporters want to prove this part
of the story, please look at these names and tell us
which of them remembers seeing Dan in a single class.
This isn't hard. If it is important for your case,
then get on it. I don't think it is unreasonable to
raise this issue and I have to believe that even those
of you who are in Dan's corner must have asked these
same questions in your own minds from time to time.
Where is a single witness who can confirm he was ever
on that campus? You can produce as many affadavits as
you like from people who say they called the school,
but there is no doubt whatsoever that such statements
fall far short of actual proof. I will make this
promise---if any such witness comes forward, I will
report it, assuming that there is reaonable proof that
the witness was ever at SUNY himself (or herself.)

DB: Again, I didn't read the entire reply from George I am busy...but to the question of who would be sued if they were to acknowledge their lie...I'll sure as hell find someone. As to my attendance, that will be explained, but looking for a prosaic answer an error in method.

7. George got Bob Lazar's position, who said it was

Wrong. In Bob's response he said (a) he never met me
"aka knuckle-head" and (b) he never worked at Tonopah. That's correct, I
believe! (but I liked the knuckle-head line! ) ...and I wonder where George
got the bad info? I saw someone who looked like Bob Lazar one time out
there, but I never identified him, have never met him, and have never
said he worked at Tonopah...the DIA guys who now say they can fly you to
Planet Serpo
claimed that, I believe. You will find no such quotes from me,
anywhere. Bob was prejudiced with the double lie first, that I allegedly
said I knew him and that he worked at Tonopah, then what else is he going
to say? ...that the rest must be too! An honest reaction by someone fed an initial set of inaccurate information.

(GK: I did not tell Bob Lazar that Dan claimed to
have known him. Nor did I tell him that Dan
personally said that the two of them worked together
at Tonopah. But if Dan is going to claim total
ignorance of any such claims made on his behalf, then
I would have to say he is being a bit sly or
disingenuous. I have the somewhat lengthy email--it's
the same one that asserts that I had a copy of the
travel itinerary which proved that Dan was on the
passenger list for flights to and from A51. The
letter alleges that Bob and Dan were both at Tonopah,
that they were both part of the same disclosure
program, and that Bob worked on "avionics" while at
TTR, which is where Dan signed the nondisclosure form
that has been widely distributed.

Since Lazar is the first person to publicly describe a
below-ground facility at Papoose Lake, aka S-4, and
since his claims have been selectively used to bolster
parts of Dan's own story, I thought it would be
interesting to hear what he thinks of the larger
story. I don't know what Planet Serpo has to do with
this, but it isn't something that I find credible, nor
have I ever mentioned it to Bob or anyone else.

I used only the broadest description of Dan's claims
to Bob, and I requested that he take a look at the
Burisch website before our interview. There was no
need to prompt him or to shade the questions. I only
asked him one--what is your general reaction to the
story as you understand it. At some point, I will
figure out a way to release his entire statement, but
the soundbite included in my report is fairly evident.
J-Rod? Angels? The Ganesh particle? His opinion is
that it is total and complete bullshit and that anyone
who believes it should be ashamed of themselves.
Months ago, I told a wide audience that any assertion
about Bob being at Tonopah or that he ever worked in
"avionics" was a complete fabrication. If you didn't
take my word for it, we have now heard it first hand.
Lazar isn't hard to find. If you think I am distorting
his view, contact him yourself. Whereas Bob's story
has been used judiciously to support bits and pieces
of Dan's claims in the past, I suspect that he will
now be characterized as untrustworthy by some of
those same people. To those who choose to believe Dan
no matter what, this won't mean much. To the larger
audience of people who are still trying to make up
their minds, come to your own conclusions. )

DB: Again...a long reply from George, my statement holds as Bob Lazar indicated both of those things (Tonopah and not knowing me) as a concrete portion of his answer. Further, there have been such allegations (ref Tonopah) on the net, relating to Bob Lazar and me. As for claims, I think we should stick to actual quotes made by me, rather than groping in the dark through the web, in hopes of finding the right sticker or evidence. Anyone can write a letter and there are many out there mixing up the situation as much as possible to cause harm. It just depends on what people wish to report on. In this case, an insinuation of relationship between Lazar and myself was present. I have never met Bob, flown with him, or worked with him. That's pretty simple.

8. George said I have DVD's for sale.

Wrong. The particular DVD issue that he showed was
Bill Hamilton's. I have never received one thing from them,when they were for

(GK: Look at the tape of the story, Dan. I did NOT
say that YOU are selling dvds or videos. I said that
you have a worldwide following, and to demonstrate
that point, I listed the following; "websites and
message boards, books, audio tapes and DVD's for sale.
He has a publicist and a biographer, a high profile
for a secret scientist." Don't put words in my mouth.
I did not say that you are selling vd's, nor did I
say that you are profiting from such sales, so you are
refuting something that was not asserted in the first
place. The point of the list is that you are pretty
well known for someone who is working in a secret
program. Of course the DVDs are being sold by Bill
Hamilton. The shot that was used in the story shows as
much. Personally, I don;'t think there i anything
wrong with the sale of such merchadise and I'm sorry
to hear that you are not getting a cut of the action.
Hopefully, you will get a real agent before the movie
deal is finalized.)

DB: You are right, that you did not "say it," but slants cause implications. I have no real problem with this portion, but as you say, you have the tape. I am not going to shadow box over insinuations. It's really okay by me.

9. George got retired John Alexander to say "highly
improbable" about me.

Cool! I'll have another Bigelow, I hear John's
employer will like that.

(GK: I don't know what that means. John doesn't work
for Bigelow and hasn't for years. I asked him for his
opinion about the likelihood that someone like Dan
could leak secrets from such a classified program over
a long period of time and still be alllowed to carry
on. You all know what the answer was.)

DB: The likelihood is 100%, as I am telling the truth. Others have already asked, what would be that same likelihood, reference Lazar.

{editor's note: a "Bigelow" as used by Dan probably refers to the coffee by that name, a picture of which is to be found elsewhere on this site.}

10. George mentioned that the UNLV Alumni journal
doesn't check post-grad status. News to me...but...better check with Deb as
she is the one who put me in it.

(GK: No matter who put you into the guide, it has been
used many times as a form of proof about your PhD.
UNLV officials told me, in writing, that there is no
attempt by the Alumni Guide to verify post-graduate
credentials or claims. If you told them you have eight
kids and won the Nobel Prize, they would print it, so
long as they knew that you had an undergraduate
degree. If we agree that the mention of the PhD in the
alumni guide is no proof of anything, then perhaps it
will soon be removed from the website, no matter who
submitted it in the first place. It's similar to the
oft-cited inclusion in the US Navy Memorial Foundation
log. This too has been prominently featured on
various cites as a form of proof of Dan's military
credentials. When I informed the foundation that Dan
was never in the military, the spokesman explained
that the foundation does not attempt to verify the
military credentials of those who send in a check and
a photo.As I recall, the explanation from Dan's camp
was that the application haad been sent in by Dodie
Crain, without anyone's knowledge. Okay, so why was it
presented as a form of documentation on the same
website if you knew that it didn't mean anything?
Just asking.)

DB: It was in fact my Mom who sent in others, and Deb still others. I find no problem with their doing so, but have equally little passion for it.


What I liked about the story was that George showed
film from the Straight from the Hart Award. It was nice seeing "my kids"
again. He came down pretty hard on Deborah. That is for her to handle. He showed
dondep's website.
Then he indicated I got my B.A. from UNLV in Psych.

(GK--I don't think I came down too hard on Deborah,
but viewers can judge for themselves. I felt that
since Deborah has worked for MGM Mirage for so many
years, it might interest them to know that she has
signed "a sworn affadavit" that she is an employee of
MJ 12. MGM executives were unaware of this, but were
interested to learn about it.)

DB: Neither do I, I was really reflecting how she reported she felt. But, that is her problem.



George Knapp COMPLIMENTED ME! He said I was 'very
interesting and intelligent.' He then said that quite a bit of my
"case" was not verified and he called for information if it can be brought
forward. It will be, next year in the debriefing and even some before.

HE WAS NICE TO ME! know what George...nice goes both door to a
possible interview next year...


Even given the wrong information, HIS PIECE ON ME,

(GK: I said a couple of things at the end. One is
that I feel Dan is a smart guy. I do. Two is that I
think this is an interesting story. There's no
question about that, even though I have serious
reservations about it, as everyone knows. Three is
that I am willing to listen to any evidence that
surfaces in the future. Also true. I have said this
all along, and I mean it. Dan is amazed that I was
"nice" to him. Okay, I'm glad it is being viewed that
way., but being nice or not so nice never entered the
picture. Put it this way---what I say in email
exchanges is one thing. I am more than willing to mix
it up, especially when someone is coming after me on a
personal and professional level. I acknowledge that I
have dished out my share of invective. What I say on
the air is another matter. Despite the very harsh
evaluations of my abilities and motives that have been
widely disseminated for many months now, I take my job
very seriously. My opinion about this story has not
changed, but I'm not going to put something on the
air that is vindictive and unfair. If I did that, I
would not have survived this long in a very
competitive business. I believe the story is better
told if it includes many viewpoints. This isn't a
concession--it's fundamental. If there is a chance
for an interview next year, put me on the list. It
should be obvious that I am not going to pull any
punches and will ask pointed questions. If Dan answers
them honestly, I will report them honestly. Everyone
who is reading this knows that I think the story is an
elaborate fiction. Anyone who knows me on a personal
level also knows that if my suspicions are proven
wrong, I will report it, whether it's about this or
something else. I have no problem with backtracking
IF there is something to hang my hat on. To date, I
haven't seen it. Prove me wrong and I will report the

One final note, I've heard some feedback about my
suggestion regarding a possible longer-format program.
In the opinion of some, I have presented this
possibility as some sort of teaser or ruse. Whoever
said this doesn't know me at all. )

Dan Burisch, if you want to call me, you have my
number, and from what I've heard, my address as well.

---> Naaaaaaa. <---

In the meantime, I am willing to exchange views on
these issues with anyone, anytime, anywhere.)

DB: For now, I am strictly concentrating on my debriefing. Should the opportunity present itself, next year, and be recommended, I'll have no problem with a sit-down. For now, there will be no further "mixing" from me, as I have a legal arrangement with Mr. Garner not to give interviews right now. GEORGE I APPRECIATE YOUR REPORT AND I ANTICIPATE AN EXCITING YEAR, NEXT YEAR. MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU.

Here is what GK says:

(GK--I don't think I came down too hard on Deborah,
but viewers can judge for themselves. I felt that
since Deborah has worked for MGM Mirage for so many
years, it might interest them to know that she has
signed "a sworn affadavit" that she is an employee of
MJ 12. MGM executives were unaware of this, but were
interested to learn about it.)

DB: I just now read the affidavit. Deborah never said she was "employed" by anyone. She said "became an agent for" and she also said "...and remained an active agent until 2005, when I retired."

In the interest of honest reporting and journalism, tenses are important, so are words describing status.


DATELINE Nov. 6, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

George Knapp is publicly known as an “Investigative Reporter” for KLAS-TV, Channel 8, Las Vegas, NV USA. He signs his correspondense this way which would lead one to assume that he is in fact speaking as an representative of KLAS-TV and possibly of its corporate affilates.

The following is an exploration into the words of George Knapp and a debative response from Don Deppeller (a.k.a. Dondep). So that the reader will know, Dondep did graciously request permission from George Knapp to publish his own words in emails to select individuals, prior to this article, at my request as the editor and webmistress. The ones that are quoted from are therefore only those that have been publicly published by the recipients, and do not include many more ‘private’ emails that continue the vein of bias and vitriol in Mr. Knapp’s approach to the story of Dr. Dan Burisch. For the reader’s benefit, the request to Mr. Knapp and his response is here noted, and may cause minor shock to some who had no idea that Mr. Knapp’s name and words are ‘owned’ by his employer. I suspect if his employers knew what he was saying in writing as a representative of KLAS-TV they might be quite shocked too.

Nov. 4, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

The following document is the official position of the Solicitor for the Respondent in answer to our bringing the Application for Leave and Judicial Review. The Respondent is the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and is represented by the Dept. of Justice, the head of which is the Attorney General of Canada. In this document they try to make the case for why the Affidavit of Dr. Burisch, of April 13th, 2005, should not be tested.

Although our original submission was many pages, we are only presenting the Reply, which is the 'last word' before the paperwork in the case goes off to Ottawa for a ruling by the sitting duty justice of the Federal Court. That justice will either dismiss the case or order a remedy.

Oct. 26, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Marcia's Story –new bio information recently gathered by Don Deppeller


Oct. 19, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Marci's reply from the Stagate forum:

Marcia McDowell, M.A.
Joined: 09 Oct 2005
Posts: 32
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 6:21 pm    Post subject: To everybody:

I said I wouldn't dignify an illuminati driven post with a comment, but now, it appears that only a few of you are able to see what is really going on. Thank you Boomer, UJ, guest and a few others.

I have been swamped with email requests for clarification over these items, and most especially the Nun picture.

This is the only one I will comment to, because I am hoping that everybody will learn something here.

(Illuminati interests are getting desperate to derail Dan's work, and they are expert at crafting sickly sweet, smooth combinations of unrelated items in such a way that people buy into it hook, line and sinker. It drives their agenda forward, they think, and creates pandemonium.)

Ok, as to the nun picture. Yes that is a picture of me. No, I had nothing whatsoever to do with St. Patrick's. I am not , nor have I ever been a Nun with the Catholic Church. Yes that is a real Nun's habit. Yes it was older, it had been donated by an order (I have no idea which order) when they changed to the modern habits under Vatican II. This monstrosity was made of wool and damned uncomfortable. I had to be laced into the thing.

Now, let's take a minute and sort the above mess out.

Back in the early 1980s, I along with many others in my family worked in films. I loved it, and I was often in 'period pieces' which were my absolute favorites. But frankly I would take whatever came available. This particular picture is a still from a film called "Shattered Vows". One day, at lunch, one of the photographers, wanted to do some extra stills, and asked me to go over by one of the ornate doors, while he burned off a roll or two of film.

This should come as no surprise whatsoever to anybody who has kept up with my history and background, as my cousin Susan Hogan is one of the premier Canadian actresses, having won their version of an oscar for her work and my cousin-in-law currently portrays Col. Tigh on Battlestar Galactica.

It's not a Majestic thing, it's just that I come from a very artistic family.
I don't know how many hundreds of photos are floating around of me in various sets. But I'll bet that in their all out determination to muddy the water about Dan's case, they'll be digging those out...... asking a few well placed open-ended questions, planting a few possible connections as to dates and locations, and voila....... you have people like NS running around looking at Nun-doll websites actually trying to match the habit with doll-clothes.

If you'll notice, my maj number isn't part of the picture..... it's on that old faded backing. Well, I am not going to dignify this foolishness any further.

Next point: The Harry Reid letter is real. I have the positive of it. No further comment.

I doubt that my comments here will make the rounds as fast or as well as the stupid presumptions have done. The truth is far less palatable to those who spread those kind of things. But at least some of you will be able to better discern such illuminati posts for what they are, in the future.

"Do not attempt to adjust the picture."


Oct. 16, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

The intrigue makes yet another strange twist…….

Over the weekend, a guest or guests – allegedly from the 'Illuminati', according to a communication received from Marcia McDowell – has posted   several startling images to the Stargate forum relating to  Dan's Operations Director Marci McDowell…

From one of these posts, the following, regarding Dr Burisch:  "They have been with you, playing with you, all your life. It is time to leave now. It's time to be free. Unlike the rest of your daily decisions, this one decision is yours and yours alone. We are coming to a time in the world where humanity will need you, but not like this. Not a poor trapped animal in the cages of the Maji. Come out! You too have been thrown to the wolves."


Oct. 8, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

We have secured the following statement from Dr Burisch through channels in answer to our query as to why there is a discrepancy between the comment made by Dan on his affidavit for the Univ. of Nevada at Las Vegas regarding his name change in July of 1997, and Mrs. Burisch's statement in her affidavit of Sept. 24th in which she states the date of censure was 1998:


Oct. 7, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

There are new documents being posted to the forum; you can see several of them here:

Cabrillo Bay video clips, Blue Docs, Maps, and more...
The first and second installments are now available




DATELINE Sept 26, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

A guest posted this screen capture of the referenced section of the bible code. We are seeking confirmation of this information.

a guest posts:
From Genesis 3:3-5:26
I used Hebrew words for regular words and English for proper names at an equidistant letter skip of 179. It was on the left side of the matrix and horizontal words are on lines 7 and 8.

with the D for Danny intersecting column 179 and row 8

Then the word TREE intersects up and down through the word DISCOVERER. and the name CRAIN goes up and down with the C for Crain starting on line 8 and hanging right under the word DISCOVERER.

The whole matrix intersects which make it more valuable and the word DISCOVERER and the word TREE make the whole matrix look like a tree with FRUIT hanging on it....



Sept 23, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Soon after this post (and a few others) - all communication with Dan was terminated and all of Dan's forum posts were deleted... but we all have them archived in several places.


DATELINE Sept 20, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Deborah Burisch gets a copy of Dan's PhD;
to see more of these images...

In the early days of September 2005 a framed document leaves a vault somewhere in England at the request of a former Majestic employee, one-time Remote Viewer/Security Director/Finance Director and spouse of the original recipient of the document.   As It makes its way across the Atlantic to a facility on the East Coast of the US, it's tracked by certain black-ops patriots who understand just how important this document is even though it is only a copy.  


DATELINE Sept 19, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Please check out some of the updated sections of the web site.
We have added several image galleries:

Dan Burisch Image Gallery Rachel Nevada Meeting
The "Entity" Gallery Science Gallery I (2005)

Editor's Note: Today the Stargate Forum (it appears to have hit the server and not just that single message forum) went down after Dondep received a "drop" that consisted of images of Deb Burisch receiving a copy of Dan's Ph.D. Diploma from New York State University at Stony Brook via England, a courier from the East Coast and a "diplomatic pouch". Although it appears that under the provisions of the Tau IX Treaty Dan must be allowed to speak to the public - It is understood that neither the Majestic nor the Illuminati are interested in anything that might validate his credentials to the public at large. These images will be made available here very soon -hopefully today.

Don has gone to Edmonton to file the final paperwork for the Application for Judicial Leave in response to the last of acknowledgement by the PRAA unit's decision. They have up to 30 days to respond.

Mr Rick Garvin, Council for the Civil Litigation and Advisory services replied in a letter dated August 26th, 2005 the following..

Mr. Garvin neglected to explain that there can be no decision to any cross-examination, not until the Application for Leave and Judicial Review has been granted. It should be noted that before we learned that Dan would be willing and happy to set the record straight as to his mental state not being delusional, Mr Garvin suggested that such testimony and the opportunity to cross-examine the affiant was indeed what would be necessary to prove the allegations of harassment by those working for the United States government, amongst other things. The legal run-around continues...

DATELINE Aug 30, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

This is the first of a series of reports on the ongoing legal case in Canada having to do with the story of Dr. Dan Burisch and the role it has in Disclosure to the human race about the reality of extraterrestrial involvement in earthly affairs.

The last the reader heard was that the historic Form 255 Request To Admit and Form 256 Response To Request To Admit, signed under oath by Dr. Dan Burisch on April 9th, 2005, was refused admittance into the public record by Judge Campbell at a special sitting of the Federal Court in Edmonton, Alberta, on April 11th, 2005.  Those documents, valid only in the proceeding in which they were brought, were then superceded by a General Affidavit, which repeated verbatim the information contained in the first documents, and signed on April 13th.