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Dan Burisch on surveillance cameras

      This series was taken in early April, 2005, during the time Marcia and I were negotiating the "Request To Admit" - Form 255 for our Canadian immigration court case:                                                        

















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— December 29, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta


In the wake of continued conflict (allegedly) between agents of Majestic and the 'Illuminati' (some might say Team A and Team B of the 'secret societies') and their interference in the Stargate Forum, Dr Burisch has asked that his Operations Director - Marcia McDowell - establish a 'Think Tank' for those sincere and serious individuals who have patiently followed this saga over the previous two years. This Think Tank has been a long time coming, and will hopefully allow the participation of a handful of those regulars to aid in the Disclosure efforts coming in 2006 as well as applications of the Lotus technology for the benefit of humanity.

However, the establishment of the Think Tank will not come at the expense of a public forum where new readers will be able to discuss the issues raised by this story. These issues are centered around the extraterrestrial reality, potential catastrophe, time travel, spiritual and technological issues, and of course the legal odyssey that initiated this website. Neither Dr Burisch or anyone else in particular 'owns' the so-called 'Golden Thread' which has had other hosts in the past, and so a new site will now host the ever-evolving public discussion so that all newcomers to these issues will have a place to ask questions, share, and learn. To register or read, go to: and click on The Golden Thread 2006.1.

There will be a further Update coming soon that will detail the current state of events in the legal case as well as additional information important to those puzzled by the recent turn of events at the now-locked Stargate Forum.

Until then, brace yourselves for 2006; we are in for one wild ride. - Don Deppeller


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— December 7, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Recently a serious effort has been mounted by several well-known names in ufology to "disclose" the alleged "reality" of an extraterrestrial "exchange program" that sent a team of 12 humans (10 men and 2 women, 12 men, or 11 men and 1 woman, depending on which disinformation specialist you may be listening to or reading) to a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system in 1966. The planet name is called SERPO, according to this tale. This is unfortunate, because there are actually certain elements in this story that are true, as is the case with all 'disinfo'. However, the central contention - that humans went to a Zetan planet and lived among them - is patently false and an example of how the true Disclosure effort will be interfered with in the coming year, according to Dr. Burisch. In a recent posting at the Stargate Forum (click on the link at the corner of this page), Dan claims that the name is derived from the following capitalized letters spelled backwards: OPeration RESearch. This is to be followed by another planet in that star system, to be known as DROPO (OPeration ORDer). And allegedly we may hear that this is where the famous "Dropa Stones" come from. The humans live there for over a dozen years and tell of the life of these Zetans. Now, there may well be a world like that where our once-and-future beings were in residence there in Zeta Reticuli, as we know that some come from there, but according to Dr. Burisch there was no 'exchange program'. However, being that we DID have guest visitors from the Zeta Reticuli star system (the J-rods), Dan has been kind enough to share this bit despite the fact it will be more fully covered in his debriefing:

"We taught them a certain type sign language. Once learned, matching to concrete items, photos, models, and film were used to teach our language in depth. Then they could communicate telepathically into our minds, with our language. With that, they partially taught us their language. They DO NOT regularly communicate as we speak (use of vocal cords and acoustics), as that is considered highly emotive and does not fit well into their utilitarian outlook. They have a writing ability, but I cannot speak to how that works, until it comes out in the debriefing. Safe to say, it is quite an elegant multidimensional method they employ.

These guys from the Aviary [editor's note: the 'Aviary' is allegedly a group of former officers, officials and employees of Majestic that have made it their business to 'manage' as much or as little Disclosure as they personally feel the public should know of, and were 'cut away some time ago to operate as loose cannons'] make it look like the J-Rods are a bunch of monks chanting away in Organum...or is it that they just took the tonal stuff from Spielberg's "Taken"? The account involving their work, women, etc. is all science fiction [expletive deleted]. I wish I could say something better of it, but truth is truth."

EDIT to add: I have been asked, via a couple emails, to specify which J-Rod's to which I was referring, with the above statement that read...

"They DO NOT regularly communicate as we speak (use of vocal cords and acoustics), as that is considered highly emotive and does not fit well into their utilitarian outlook."

Good question. Normally, when I mention a J-Rod, I am thinking of the one with which I interacted, a P+52K
[readers note: these would be those J-rods from 52,000 years in our future,] The P+52K's do not usually audibly speak language, but can make " 'vestigial' language sounds" The one I was with had lost the ability altogether. The P+45K J-Rods can [those J-rods from 45,000 years in our future], audibly speak language, to a very limited degree. Those of a lineage prior to the P+45K, to which I am privy (ex. a P+24K...there's a tickler for everyone...), are capable of uttering audible language, but they would less be associated with a so called "typical gray," than a diminutive present day human, therefore not having been covered in the wholly imaginative Serpo framework."


Also in the news this week is Dr. Burisch's post-expose exchange with George Knapp on the show that aired on post-Nov sweeps on December 1st. The KLAS-TV8 website that George Knapp works for sported the following notice which was picked up by Jeff Rense, followed by Dr. Burisch's rebuttal which was posted today on Rense:



DATELINE Nov. 6, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

George Knapp is publicly known as an "Investigative Reporter" for KLAS-TV, Channel 8, Las Vegas, NV USA. He signs his correspondense this way which would lead one to assume that he is in fact speaking as an representative of KLAS-TV and possibly of its corporate affilates.

The following is an exploration into the words of George Knapp and a debative response from Don Deppeller (a.k.a. Dondep). So that the reader will know, Dondep did graciously request permission from George Knapp to publish his own words in emails to select individuals, prior to this article, at my request as the editor and webmistress. The ones that are quoted from are therefore only those that have been publicly published by the recipients, and do not include many more 'private' emails that continue the vein of bias and vitriol in Mr. Knapp's approach to the story of Dr. Dan Burisch. For the reader's benefit, the request to Mr. Knapp and his response is here noted, and may cause minor shock to some who had no idea that Mr. Knapp's name and words are 'owned' by his employer. I suspect if his employers knew what he was saying in writing as a representative of KLAS-TV they might be quite shocked too.

Nov. 4, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

The following document is the official position of the Solicitor for the Respondent in answer to our bringing the Application for Leave and Judicial Review. The Respondent is the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and is represented by the Dept. of Justice, the head of which is the Attorney General of Canada. In this document they try to make the case for why the Affidavit of Dr. Burisch, of April 13th, 2005, should not be tested.

Although our original submission was many pages, we are only presenting the Reply, which is the 'last word' before the paperwork in the case goes off to Ottawa for a ruling by the sitting duty justice of the Federal Court. That justice will either dismiss the case or order a remedy.

Oct. 26, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta


Marcia's Story –new bio
information recently
gathered by Don Deppeller



Oct. 19, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Marci's reply from the Stagate forum:

Marcia McDowell, M.A.
Joined: 09 Oct 2005
Posts: 32
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 6:21 pm    Post subject: To everybody:

I said I wouldn't dignify an illuminati driven post with a comment, but now, it appears that only a few of you are able to see what is really going on. Thank you Boomer, UJ, guest and a few others.

I have been swamped with email requests for clarification over these items, and most especially the Nun picture.

This is the only one I will comment to, because I am hoping that everybody will learn something here.

(Illuminati interests are getting desperate to derail Dan's work, and they are expert at crafting sickly sweet, smooth combinations of unrelated items in such a way that people buy into it hook, line and sinker. It drives their agenda forward, they think, and creates pandemonium.)

Ok, as to the nun picture. Yes that is a picture of me. No, I had nothing whatsoever to do with St. Patrick's. I am not , nor have I ever been a Nun with the Catholic Church. Yes that is a real Nun's habit. Yes it was older, it had been donated by an order (I have no idea which order) when they changed to the modern habits under Vatican II. This monstrosity was made of wool and damned uncomfortable. I had to be laced into the thing.

Now, let's take a minute and sort the above mess out.

Back in the early 1980s, I along with many others in my family worked in films. I loved it, and I was often in 'period pieces' which were my absolute favorites. But frankly I would take whatever came available. This particular picture is a still from a film called "Shattered Vows". One day, at lunch, one of the photographers, wanted to do some extra stills, and asked me to go over by one of the ornate doors, while he burned off a roll or two of film.

This should come as no surprise whatsoever to anybody who has kept up with my history and background, as my cousin Susan Hogan is one of the premier Canadian actresses, having won their version of an oscar for her work and my cousin-in-law currently portrays Col. Tigh on Battlestar Galactica.

It's not a Majestic thing, it's just that I come from a very artistic family.
I don't know how many hundreds of photos are floating around of me in various sets. But I'll bet that in their all out determination to muddy the water about Dan's case, they'll be digging those out...... asking a few well placed open-ended questions, planting a few possible connections as to dates and locations, and voila....... you have people like NS running around looking at Nun-doll websites actually trying to match the habit with doll-clothes.

If you'll notice, my maj number isn't part of the picture..... it's on that old faded backing. Well, I am not going to dignify this foolishness any further.

Next point: The Harry Reid letter is real. I have the positive of it. No further comment.

I doubt that my comments here will make the rounds as fast or as well as the stupid presumptions have done. The truth is far less palatable to those who spread those kind of things. But at least some of you will be able to better discern such illuminati posts for what they are, in the future.

"Do not attempt to adjust the picture."

Oct. 16, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

The intrigue makes yet another strange twist…….

Over the weekend, a guest or guests – allegedly from the 'Illuminati', according to a communication received from Marcia McDowell – has posted   several startling images to the Stargate forum relating to  Dan's Operations Director Marci McDowell…

From one of these posts, the following, regarding Dr Burisch:  "They have been with you, playing with you, all your life. It is time to leave now. It's time to be free. Unlike the rest of your daily decisions, this one decision is yours and yours alone. We are coming to a time in the world where humanity will need you, but not like this. Not a poor trapped animal in the cages of the Maji. Come out! You too have been thrown to the wolves."


Oct. 8, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

We have secured the following statement from Dr Burisch through channels in answer to our query as to why there is a discrepancy between the comment made by Dan on his affidavit for the Univ. of Nevada at Las Vegas regarding his name change in July of 1997, and Mrs. Burisch's statement in her affidavit of Sept. 24th in which she states the date of censure was 1998:


Oct. 7, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

There are new documents being posted to the forum; you can see several of them here:

Cabrillo Bay video clips, Blue Docs, Maps, and more...
The first and second installments are now available




DATELINE Sept 26, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

A guest posted this screen capture of the referenced section of the bible code. We are seeking confirmation of this information.

a guest posts:
From Genesis 3:3-5:26
I used Hebrew words for regular words and English for proper names at an equidistant letter skip of 179. It was on the left side of the matrix and horizontal words are on lines 7 and 8.

with the D for Danny intersecting column 179 and row 8

Then the word TREE intersects up and down through the word DISCOVERER. and the name CRAIN goes up and down with the C for Crain starting on line 8 and hanging right under the word DISCOVERER.

The whole matrix intersects which make it more valuable and the word DISCOVERER and the word TREE make the whole matrix look like a tree with FRUIT hanging on it....



Sept 23, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Soon after this post (and a few others) - all communication with Dan was terminated and all of Dan's forum posts were deleted... but we all have them archived in several places.


DATELINE Sept 20, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Deborah Burisch gets a copy of Dan's PhD;
to see more of these images...

In the early days of September 2005 a framed document leaves a vault somewhere in England at the request of a former Majestic employee, one-time Remote Viewer/Security Director/Finance Director and spouse of the original recipient of the document.   As It makes its way across the Atlantic to a facility on the East Coast of the US, it's tracked by certain black-ops patriots who understand just how important this document is even though it is only a copy.  


DATELINE Sept 19, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

Please check out some of the updated sections of the web site.
We have added several image galleries:

Dan Burisch Image Gallery Rachel Nevada Meeting
The "Entity" Gallery Science Gallery I (2005)

Don has gone to Edmonton to file the final paperwork for the Application for Judicial Leave in response to the last of acknowledgement by the PRAA unit's decision. They have up to 30 days to respond.

Mr Rick Garvin, Council for the Civil Litigation and Advisory services replied in a letter dated August 26th, 2005 the following..

Mr. Garvin neglected to explain that there can be no decision to any cross-examination, not until the Application for Leave and Judicial Review has been granted. It should be noted that before we learned that Dan would be willing and happy to set the record straight as to his mental state not being delusional, Mr Garvin suggested that such testimony and the opportunity to cross-examine the affiant was indeed what would be necessary to prove the allegations of harassment by those working for the United States government, amongst other things. The legal run-around continues...

DATELINE Aug 30, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta

This is the first of a series of reports on the ongoing legal case in Canada having to do with the story of Dr. Dan Burisch and the role it has in Disclosure to the human race about the reality of extraterrestrial involvement in earthly affairs.

The last the reader heard was that the historic Form 255 Request To Admit and Form 256 Response To Request To Admit, signed under oath by Dr. Dan Burisch on April 9th, 2005, was refused admittance into the public record by Judge Campbell at a special sitting of the Federal Court in Edmonton, Alberta, on April 11th, 2005.  Those documents, valid only in the proceeding in which they were brought, were then superceded by a General Affidavit, which repeated verbatim the information contained in the first documents, and signed on April 13th.